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Welcome Brethren, To our 73rd Annual

Malheur Cave Meeting

Friday, Saturday & Sunday– August 26, 27 & 28, 2011

Note: The New Salad Bar we set-up last year will be in place!!!



This is the day to pull in with your motor home, trailer or tent. Get set up and
visit with a host of your friends and Brothers.

It’s also time to whet your appetite for a sumptuous dinner of Marinated Pork Chops
or Marinated Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (Plus of course, all the trimmings)

Now’s a good time to click this link MENU & look at the full week-end menu.



Now, to start your day, you’ll be served up an, “all you can eat breakfast”. Eggs “your way”, and Mountain-man pancakes from the hands of the Grand Master himself. There is sooo much more, so click here for the MENU. Yes, you guessed it! The food served up at this event is a BELT BUSTER!

Now to the serious stuff...

The 1st section of the degree is at
10:00 am

Hosted by Eugene Lodge #11

Then Back to the Meadow for a Gourmet Lunch, topped off with all the Sweet Hermiston Watermelon you can eat. (Complements of WB Jim Godier) See MENU.

The 2nd section of the degree is at
2:00 pm

Hosted by Grand Ronde Valley #56

Then after that it's back to the Meadow for some of the best relaxation you‘ll have this year, your favorite cold beverage (if you brought it) and more visiting with your friends, making new friends of Brothers from around the state and elsewhere, plus our NEW MASTER MASON.

Of course you’ll need to be working up an appetite, because the Dinner will put you over the top of pure enjoyment. So if you haven’t already done so, click here MENU and drool!



While some of our Brothers have to leave after dinner Saturday night, we recommend that you hang in there. Because you’ll get another shot at our Legendary Breakfast. See Sunday Breakfast MENU. It’s also a time for coming together with so many of your Brothers and the Robert Burns Masonic Lodge Malheur Cave Staff as everyone pitches in and puts everything back together before heading home.

“All Master Masons are Invited to Attend”
Note: There are no facilities at Malheur Cave for Wives or non-Masonic friends.

Admittance fee & one meal is $25.00

Additional meals are $15.00 each

Admission & all 5 meals is a measly $60.00

SPECIAL NOTE: We have hired portable toilet service this year, two extra porta-potties with cleaning service. Those of you who have been here before knows what that means....

Now where else can you get 5 full (and cooked to perfection) meals, be in a nationally known landmark, a lava tube cave so large it will stagger you, (especially when the entrance will barely allow the passage of a pickup truck), see a perfect degree, being cool all the while ((bring a jacket)), and sing Auld Lang Syne, a 1788 poem of Robert Burns, a Mason, the poet, and --- eat all of the Famous Hermiston Watermelon your heart desires? What else can we say!!

When you arrive, & after you get setup, said a few hellos, head for the Administration Site next to the Dining Tent by the Cook Shack. Sign in & get your ID Tag (Passport to your meals & the Cave's MM Degree)


Directions from Bend

Directions from Klamath Falls

Directions from I-84

(no firearms please)

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